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It’s National Dog Day and Buttonhead are back with a meditative musical pooch video for their new song 'Coombe Dean', directed by the band's own Ross Blake. This ghostly lament will give you a taste of their forthcoming second album 'Never or Forget', which we are happy to announce will be released by Horse Arm on September 29th!

Dog Day After No One


Horse Arm now has some leg-muscle in Portland, Oregon!

We have updated all of our Bandcamp Artist Pages so that if you live in the US or close by (Canada / Mexico), you can now purchase physical stock from our US field operation and save a ship-tonne on postage costs. Supplies are currently very limited but feel free to chomp at the bit-rate.

The catalogue is also in full-digital-distribution™ mode so you can stream and download it from all of your favourite cyber-ports: Spotify, Apple Music, Googleplay, etc.

Log up and digi-flume!

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Flowing at heels of Ross Blake's debut EP Parallel Wine, stirs this silky optic shot for the song Permanent Waving, fully catered by the musician himself.

Distraction O' Lait


Cornish-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Ross Blake, previously found whirling his talents amid the sonic offerings of Buttonhead and Poino, steps out from the shells and shadows of those groups to unfetter his most personal pieces to date. The debut EP 'Parallel Wine' brings together four restructured instrumentals selected from his previously unreleased film and theatre soundtracks. Revealing a Carrollian wonderland of pastoral airs and melodic dreams the listener is soon lost in a wash of tranquil forevers. Pass the bath squash. Amen.

Listen to yours >>>HERE<<<

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Here's a new video for Poino's last song 'Zil Konig'.


Poino's grave makes one last turn and out bursts the brand new final song  'Zil Konig'.

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Nearly two years after its release on Poino's second album 'Bon Ick Voyeur', the six minute orchestral wonder 'Terpsichordia' finally has the music video of its dreams. Canadian artist
Leslie Bell kindly allowed us to re-sequence selected rushes from her stop-motion animation work to create this mesmeric twinning.

Let your eyeballs crouton the space-soup.

Check out more of Leslie's art HERE.


As it's our 5th Anniversary we've decided to ring in the New Year with a discount on all of our stock: 25% for the whole of January! Just use the discount code 'horseplay' when checking out on any of the Bandcamp pages associated with Horse Arm and knock a quarter off the price! 
Happy New Years resolutions!


Last week of shows for Staer:

Wed Oct 22nd – Club Wakum - Graz - AU

Thur Oct 23rd – CK13 - Novi Sad - RS

Fri Oct 24th – Maze - Sofia - BG

Sat Oct 25th – Specter - Plovdiv - BG




Last week of shows for Poino:

Mon Oct 20th – Rhiz - Vienna - AU

Wed Oct 22nd – Hühnermanhattan - Halle - DE

Thur Oct 23rd – Teifgrund - Berlin - DE

Sat Oct 25th – B32 - Maastrict - NL

Sun Oct 26th – Magazin 4 - Brussels - BE


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