Hailing from Norway, STAER - Kristoffer Riis (guitar) / Markus Hagen (bass) / Thore Warland (drums) - are an instrumental, avant rock, power-noise trio.

Sparked by the Scandinavian abstract, experimental and musique concrète scenes that traced their surroundings, their chemistry was further charged by European, American and Japanese noise-rock, improv and classical influences. The result is an impressively original manifestation of sonic alchemy. 

With two albums under their belts, via the fingers of all-star record producer Jörgen Träen, a slew of heavy touring across 25 countries has seen them achieve critical acclaim in the underground press for both albums and also their stunning live performances.

On record and live STAER's music sucks the listener into a bombinating, cacophonic void and totally envelopes them in an alien sub-reality. The experience brings to mind an expulsion into an outer-worldly floating battlefield, stretching across the vast horizon-less chasm of the Universe. At its heart two enormous dueling space-titans collide amidst the planets, hurling moons at one another, crunching their torsos across the hemispheres of Venus and Neptune whilst emitting a miasma of thunderous resonance. The centerpieces of a diabolical Boschian theater, crammed with twisted, hideous war-craft screaming, firing, exploding into and all about each other. Stars shatter and suns congeal as the dark, swirling, hypnotic cycle of the bands engulfing, polyrhythmic soundscape tracks this space-madness. As the music comes to a close, the band marches off leaving you trampled, ecstatic and eager for another journey back into this staggering ambience.

Catch them as you must.