STAER's latest album 'Daughters' comes to Horse Arm for a Limited Edition CD release! 

One of the most original and hottest bands currently blazing a trail through the worldwide underground circuit, the masterful Norwegian power-trio of STAER deliver colossal sounding slabs of telluric disruption while suffocating you in their burgeoning hurricane of swirling hammer-tones and atom-shaking polyrhythmic interplay. 

Teaming up once more with all-star recording maestro Jörgen Träen at Duper Studios, STAER expand their catalogue and minds of their audience with their incredible second album 'Daughters'. The results speak for themselves. 

You can now get your hands on a copy of the Ltd Ed CD with silk screen printed sleeve HERE

STAER's enactment of both their albums in the live domain is something to behold; a visceral pasting not to be missed. Catch them, and the album, as you must.





Vinyl Available From Gaffer Records