We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the entire Giddy Motors catalogue here at Horse Arm!

One of the most exciting bands to come out of London this millennium, Giddy Motors blazed a chaotic  trail, debasing and reconstructing their post-rock, jazz and punk influences into a context all of their own. Their albums 'Make It Pop' and 'Do Easy' received critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and long tours throughout Europe and the US provided them with just enough landscape to shine fiercely, yet all too briefly, in the live environment.

In addition to re-releasing the back catalogue, we are also putting out a new compilation album entitled - 'Singles'. This album features every track that appeared on the singles 'Sassy', 'Whirled by Curses' and 'Magmanic' but also contains the previously unreleased 'Some Beers, Etc.'. 

There are plans ahoof to press the first ever vinyl edition of 'Do Easy', but for the meantime you can find all their tracks for streaming and downloading on BANDCAMP

Or, if you prefer the more formal approach, you can also get it from other online outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc.

Make it pop around the head!