New Ross Blake Music Video

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Ahead of the November release of Ross Blake's debut album ‘Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack’ comes the second single ‘House of Miracles’, accompanied by a sumptuous animated music video by Paris-based artist Sophie Gaucher.

Channeling Intuitive Drawing and Grotesques Art influences she brings to life a hand-drawn assemblage of creatures, body parts, faces and deformities that continually merge and morph into and around one another. It makes for a fitting hallucinatory counterpart to Blake's dreamy musical passages, laden with fuzzy synths, bed-time clarinet and the soaring vocals of Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist / Gazelle Twin).

The video recently premiered on Lonely Table and you can read what they wrote HERE.

'House of Miracles' also featured on the latest radio broadcast of Jonny Trunk’s The OST Show, on London’s Resonance FM 104.4FM. You can hear it, amongst other picks from the album and a wide selection of soundtrack-related gems chosen by Mr. Blake, HERE.