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Catalogue Out of the Bag and O'er the Sea

Horse Arm now has some leg-muscle in Portland, Oregon!

We have updated all of our Bandcamp Artist Pages so that if you live in the US or close by (Canada / Mexico), you can now purchase physical stock from our US field operation and save a ship-tonne on postage costs. Supplies are currently very limited but feel free to chomp at the bit-rate.

The catalogue is also in full-digital-distribution™ mode so you can stream and download it from all of your favourite cyber-ports: Spotify, Apple Music, Googleplay, etc.

Log up and digi-flume!


Cornish-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Ross Blake, previously found whirling his talents amid the sonic offerings of Buttonhead and Poino


Here's a new video for Poino's last song 'Zil Konig'.


Poino's grave makes one last turn and out bursts the brand new final song  'Zil Konig'.

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