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A shiny wet new video for the song 'Widow's Cube' by Poino, crafted by Luca Dipierro


The digital download of Buttonhead's album ‘3D Opera Whale’ is now available HERE, bundled with some extra goodies. You can also get the album from iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3. Zip your bytes out.


Here's the music video for Buttonhead's tranquil beach interlude 'Mouth Of Sundials' by the wonderful Rita Ribas. If you want to see more of Rita's films go no further than... www.ritaribas.com.



We’re proud to announce that Buttonhead’s debut album ‘3D Opera Whale’ is out today on Limited Edition Vinyl. Listen and get your copy here - buttonhead.bandcamp.com

album artwork by Melody Seal



23rd June - SOUTH STREET ARTS CENTRE, Reading, RG1 4QU

with: Poino + Toddlers + Justice For Dragons

Doors: 8pm


Advance Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/172630



'Champion Bread', the first single from Buttonhead's forthcoming album '3D Opera Whale' is available to download for free below. Swallow it and make you strong!

Also available here.

Crotch-heavy music video by the very talented Lloyd Bowen.

You may need: Adobe Flash Player.

Buttonhead - Champion Bread (Video Edit).mp3


We’re proud to announce Buttonhead's debut album '3D Opera Whale' will be released through Horse Arm on June 30th 2012.




Poino have a few posters left over from their recent Anglo/Irish tour and they've just gone on sale on their Bandcamp page. Each one is a hand-pulled silk screen print on heavyweight A3 card stock; numbered on the reverse side. There were only 50 copies made so grab one soon because once they're gone they're gone! Comes with free MP3 Download coupon of the album Moan Loose too.


Touch HERE to get one.


A Sexbeat & Horse Arm Presentation:

29th February - THE SHACKLEWELL ARMS, London, E8 2EB
with: Arabrot + Poino + Throne

Obscure Norwegian noise rockers ARABROT will be playing at a special collaboration between SEXBEAT and HORSE ARM. If you missed their Halloween show last year, you can grab another chance to soak up their brand of wild, ugly rock and roll. Taste their tongues in an interview with the Quietus and listen to The Wheel Is Turning Full Circle.

Support comes our very own POINO and the menacing, murky, stoner doom sounds of THRONE.

£5 adv tickets – http://wegottickets.com/sexbeat




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